India: I have visited two MFIs in India in the first quarter in 2018. My impression is that they robust back operation through technology innovation. In fact of that for Group lend methodology they have formed a group of 10 to 15 members. Moreover, all the members have to guarantee each other.  On average clients per branch are around 3,000 clients, and they can perform a transaction without a set of teller and cashier or accountant branch level. Which mean Loan Officer can use their tablet or mobile phone for posting their collection immediately from centre meeting. In another hand for disbursement 97%, they can do the cashless transaction via bank correspondent.

How effective they are?

Most the MFIs implement this model their operational cost was only 8-9%.

How it works?

1.Denomination calculation

Fintect-Moblile Payment-01

2.Posting bulk of group collection only the total amount.Fintect-Moblile Payment-02Fintect-Moblile Payment-03