The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) has issued licences to manage cooperative investment schemes (CIS), a new tool in the local stock market, to three companies.

“The establishment of these funds benefit the capital market. More people can now take part in the capital market which increases liquidity,” Mr Socheat said at the ‘Establish a Fund in Cambodia: Regulatory, Governance, and Opportunities’ event, held yesterday at the headquarters of the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).

“There are two reasons CIS was launched. First, it will help promote the market. Second, it makes it easier for the public to participate in the capital market,”.

There 5 types of Fund Management company Cambodia:
1.Public Fund Management Business

2.Real Estate Investment Trust Business

3.Private Fund Management Business

4.Public Fund/Private Fund of collective investment scheme via electronic system.

5. Crowdfunding Business as an intermediary 



According to Mr Socheat, funds may vary in size but may not exceed $1 milli